18 March 2014

Sirensbane is now running on Wattpad


Sirensbane, the new Dragon Killer adventure is now running regularly on Wattpad. Kal Moonheart is up against her most dangerous opponent yet: a devious sorcerer who wants to rule half of the entire world.

6 March 2014

Dragon Killer is now free everywhere

 Dragon Killer

Dragon Killer, the first adventure featuring Kal Moonheart, is now free on Amazon, iTunes, Kobo and Google Play … and be free everywhere forever! And to celebrate, the sequel, Roll the Bones, is 99c/99p for a limited time.

24 January 2014

Moon Dust continues

 Moon Dust

Moon Dust, the second book in the Alien Disaster Trilogy is now running regularly on Wattpad. I'm aiming to finish and publish by the end of April.

14 January 2014

Roll the Bones is out now!

 Roll the Bones

An immortal killer stalks the streets of Amaranthium, leaving a trail of mutilated corpses in its wake. A week before the summer elections, Kal Moonheart is called before a clandestine gathering of the city's elite, and charged with ending the murders before a terrible secret can come to light—one that threatens to shake the Republic by its very foundations. As Kal hunts the killer, her courage, loyalties and heart are put to the test, and she must decide if she can trust even her closest friends.

The new Kal Moonheart adventure. Available now!

4 January 2014

Alien Disaster is now 99c/99p

 Alien Disaster

To celebrate the upcoming release of the new Kal Moonheart adventure, Roll the Bones, Alien Disaster is now 99c/99p on Amazon! Roll the Bones will be out later this month, when all my books and websites will be getting a whole new look and overhaul. Stay tuned!