In a spontaneous act of will, Unami created the world and set it spinning with a single breath. The sun was lit and its fire set leaping from star to star. Mountains rose up, seas flooded in, and beasts and trees rose from the mud.

It was a perfect creation, but still it was only a canvas laid out for the art that was to follow. Unami looked inward and divided; the single, shapeless power split and became twenty-four gods. They fell to earth and made it their home, their paradise.


In the furnace deep beneath the earth, Unami's darkest, cast-off qualities grew and grew, feeding off isolation and pain, festering like unfulfilled obsessions, coiling and coiling upon themselves like unreleased rage, until finally finding the wings to break free of their subterranean prison and return to the world.

The Dragon was born.

The greatest war in the history of the world had begun, and the monsters immediately pressed their advantage. Humanity, spread far and wide around the world, was unprepared. The gods were shaken out of their complacency as their progeny were hunted and killed. In response, they put out a call and mustered humanity on the shore of the Silver Sea, at the delta of the Cold Flow. Here, gods and humans alike toiled night and day to raise the walls of what would become the city of Amaranthium—the first and—still—the largest city in the world. And on the highest hill, in front of millions of people, they crowned Igman the Strong the first king of Amaranthium.


0. Death of the gods. Grievously injured, The Dragon lays down to sleep for a thousand years.

505. Death of King Aldenute, last king of Amaranthium. Feron Firehand named Lord Protector.

555. Death of the Lord Protector. Birth of the Republic.

974. Benedict Godsword born in the Endless Forest.

976. Gron Darklaw born on the Dark Tundra.

980. Kalina Moonheart born in Refuge.

990. Alexa Astarina born in Zorronov. Temus Sansar born on the Winter Steppe.

999. Vance Creekwood, author of Calling The Dragon, executed in Satos Square. Dragonytes expelled from Amaranthium on pain of death.

1004. A dragon terrorises Balibu.

1005. Four consular candidates murdered. Benedict Godsword elected Consul of Amaranthium.

1006. The Battle for Port Black. Benedict Godsword marries Marina of Eldragoro.


1007. The Dragon awakes.

1008. The Dragon destroys Kharsarka. Lavalas and a Dragonyte army attack Amaranthium..