Grenula's song

Between the snowflakes,

Stretch wintery wings.

Fire and claw breaks,

What ice and snow brings.

Tail and tooth breaks,

Wing and scale shakes,

Hot, foul breath takes

What winter brings.

Aldenute's Riddle

’Cross city streets, ’twixt gate and gate,

’Neath feet of kings, bones of dead gods wait,

On a bed of elemental cold they lie,

In the dark where doomed lovers go to die.

The Fateful Flame

Heed the dragon flight that portends

The beginning of humanity’s end.

The Knights of Arkonia forth shall ride,

And in battle, fates of nations will collide.

With star-forged swords and steel hearts,

New gods will rise and challenge the dark.

But when the infinite city burns with fateful flame,

The Dragon moves to win the game.

Kal's song

When I was young, my spirit free,

My feet, they led me to the sea.

No place in this world could ever be,

A cage to hold the soul of me.

A friendly fish, a mermaid’s kiss,

Who could wish for more than this?

Ride a seahorse all night and day,

And catch a starfish along the way.

A swirling storm, a turning tide,

Send me to my shell to hide.

But the deepest sea and the darkest cave,

Are just new challenges for me to brave.

So trim the sails and run out the brass,

And nail your colours to the mast.

Fight on rum and salt sea air,

For victory favours those who dare.

Now my heart is broken, my bridges burned,

And all I know has been overturned.

But when the world ends and we’re both free,

Look for me under the sea.

The Sun Shield

Like the moon above the sky,

The shield is an unblinkered eye.

Reflecting the rays of the sun so bright,

When evil stalks the land at night.